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Title: Els Gossos VIII

Artist: Joan Miró

Year: 1979

Edition: PA Edition of 30

Misc: Ref. Dupin 1104

Price: On Request

Title: Femme oiseaux

Artist: Joan Miró

Year: 1977

Technique: mixmedia on paper

Size: 31,5 x 21,5 cm

Misc: Certificate issued by ADOM, Paris

Price: On Request

Title: Un poème dans chaque livre

Artist: Joan Miró

Year: 1956

Technique: Etching on paper

Size: 33 x 51 cm

Edition: Edition of 30

Price: On Request

Title: Untitled

Artist: Joan Miró

Year: 1949

Technique: Indian ink, watercolor and pencil on paper

Size: 25 x 32 cm

Edition: Unique work

Misc: Drawings II 1938-59, nr 1155

Price: On Request

Joan Miró

Born to the families of a goldsmith and watchmaker, the young Joan Miro was drawn towards the arts community that was gathering in Montparnasse and in 1920 moved to Paris, France. There, under the influence of the poets and writers, he developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line. Miró’s style was influenced in varying degrees by Surrealism and Dada, yet he rejected membership to any artistic movement in the interwar European years. André Breton, the founder of Surrealism, described him as “the most Surrealist of us all.”

In 1948-49, although living in Barcelona, Joan Miró made frequent visits to Paris to work on printing techniques at the Mourlot Studios (lithographs) and at the Atelier Lacourière (engravings). A close relationship lasting forty years developed with the printer Fernand Mourlot and resulted in the production of over one thousand different lithographic editions.

In 1959, André Breton asked Miro to represent Spain in The Homage to Surrealism exhibition together with works by Enrique Tábara, Salvador Dalí, and Eugenio Granell. Miró created a series of sculptures and ceramics for the garden of the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-en-Forêt, France, which was completed in 1964.

He died bedridden at his home in Palma, Mallorca on December 25, 1983. He suffered from heart disease and had visited a clinic for respiratory problems two weeks before his death.