Johansson, Albert

  • Albert Johansson was born July 29, 1926 in Stensele, Västerbotten. He moved to Huddinge in 1955, where he lived and worked for more than 30 years. 1987 he moved to Klockestrand Angermanland and eventually to Etebols on Gotland, where he died on 16 July 1998. Albert Johanssons artistic career began at Isaac Grünewald’s painting school and then went on to Modern art school in Stockholm where he was studying for Vilhelm Bjerke-Pedersen and Esaias Thorén. Albert Johansson was first influenced by surrealism but went on eventually to a more non-figurative painting. In this he approaches Olle Baertlings art of Albert Johansson’s mentors was just the same. Albert Johansson is developing its own design language but in his Johansson’s “Space Courses” or “vitmålningar” from the 50th century can be seen definitely influences of the good friend’s painting.

    Albert Johansson canvases experiment with shades of white, gray and black as ever allowed to compete with small fields in yellow or blue. It is the line “cutting surface” that form the cloths hallmark – as a ellipsbana in an infinite space or as a transition, a demarcation. It is an art that attracts the minimalist side. He also experimented with fabric / material. Several works are made of concrete, plaster and whitewash, which produces a peculiar relief effect on the subject. Albert Johansson has a stable demand on the Scandinavian art market – the works produced during the 50 and 60s, are more sought after.