• Olle Bonniér was born in 1925 in Los Angeles, he is a Swedish artist. He studied at the Technical School and studied for Isaac Grünewald, and made ​​several trips to Europe. Olle Bonniér expressed himself non-figurative and was interested in the dynamics of colours and shapes.

    He had his breakthrough with the exhibition “Young Art” at Färg & Form, in which contemporary radical youth were in an intellectual group that became known as’ the 1947 men. A slight misnomer because it excluded the only female artist in the exhibition, Randi Fisher.Other participants were Lennart Rodhe, Karl Axel Pehrson, Pierre Olofsson, Olle Gill, Lage Lindell, Armand Rossander and Uno Vallman and sculptors Liss Eriksson and Knut Erik Lindberg. A handful of the participants focused on the purely concretistic, Bonniér was one of them. He painted a colorful beginning, and then with more contrasting colors, often black and white. Olle Bonniér is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s foremost Concretism.