Royo, Luis & Romulo

  • Luis Royo was born in 1954 in Olalla, a small village in Teruel, Spain. As a child, he moved to Zaragoza where he studied technical design, painting, and interior design. By 1972 he began painting, exposing his art to new forum. In 1978 he became a comic artist and soon triumphed internationally. Samples of his work appeared in some of the most important magazines of the time and were later compiled into the following books: Luis Royo (Rambla, 1985) and Desfase (Ikusager, 1986). In 1983 he moved onto illustrations, were he produced his greatest achievements. He achieves this success with the help of Norma, his publisher and editor that distributes his work to the entire world. In 1992 his first book, Women, appears, followed by Malefic (1994), Secrets (1996), III Millennium (1998), Dreams (1999), Prohibited Book 1 (1999), Evolution (2001), Prohibited Book 2 (2001, Conceptions I (2002), Visions (2003), Prohibited Book 3 (2003) and Conceptions II (2003). Along with these titles, six collectors cards series were released, five collectors portfolios, posters, and a tarot card set called The Black Tarot. The increasing popularity of Royo´s images allowed for the publication of postcards, calendars, playing cards, t-shirts, album covers, video games, mouse pads, and even sculpture.

    With such a wide range of products, Royo has become an authentic cultural phenomenon. His books have gone through numerous editions and have been translated into French, English, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. Magazines like Stampa, Airbrush-Action, and Penthouse have dedicated entire articles to him. Festivals, art galleries, and specialty stores continuously organize expositions honoring his work. He has received the Spectrum Silver Award (United States), Cartoomics (Italy), and the Pilgrim Prize (Russia), amongst many others.

    Luis Royo was the illustrator for The Ice Dragon, a tale of courage and sacrifice set in the world of the New York Times best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire, created by George R.R. Martin. Filled with stunning illustrations from Luis Royo, this new edition is sure to become a collector’s item for fans of the book series and HBO’s Game of Thrones alike!


    Romulo Royo was born in 1976 in Zaragoza (Spain) and is the son of Luis Royo. His work is exhibited since 2000 and is present in several private collections, foundations and museums.

    Between 1995 and 1999 makes illustrations for Norma Editorial. His work is published internationally as covers of novels and comic books for publishers, Eura (Italy), Rad Moskbay (Russia), Bastei (Germany).

    In 1997, during this stage combines illustration with paint. Creates Group 3 along with Yago Mateo and Raul Navarro. The group is known for its performances and releases, questioning national art circuits of that time.

    In 1998, exhibits alone in the Meta project that travels around Valencia, A Coruña (Spain) Verona, Milan (Italy) Frankfurt (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan).

    In 1999 Romulo Royo exhibits his work at the Pablo Serrano Museum, Museo Provincial de Huesca and Teruel Museum. His work begins to see published in various art magazines as Trebede, Bonart, Exit, or journal Lapiz Mu among others.

    In 2000 Group 3 is dissolved and Romulo Royo takes his solo career. From this moment his work is exhibited in major private galleries, foundations, Museums and International Exhibitions, among others including Art Forum Berlin, FIAC, Los Angeles Art Show, ARCO Madrid …

    In 2002 and 2003 American Express orders limited edition lithographs.

    In 2005 makes Perpetual Present, a folder with limited edition lithographs.

    In 2006 undertakes a trip to Moscow where he works with Luis Royo, in Medvedev dome of 24 meters in diameter. Dome, a book of the process is published.

    In 2006, together with Luis Royo, undertake a trip to Moscow, where their art is captured by Medvedev dome that has 24 meters in diameter. All the process is published in the book Dome.

    Between 2006 and 2009 carries out some of his best-known series as Siamese or Metal-Skin that consists of paintings, sculptures, installations and technological means. Those can be seen in places like the Metelkova Museum, Can Framis Museum, the X Biennial Martínez Guerricabeitia Foundation at the Museum of the City of Valencia, Fran Daurel Foundation, Maeztu Museum Estella, The 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art of Moscow, National Metelkova Museum of Slovenia …

    In 2009 one of his last works Blackened Times that begins with a presentation at the XXV Biennale of Alexandria in the Museum of Alexandria to roam later by different countries.

    This year, The Alcort Foundation commissiones a sculpture that adds to its collection within it gardens.

    This same year the universe of Malefic Time beguins hand in hand with Luis Royo. The project brings together several books with paintings and illustrations of international circulation; Novels; Sculptures made by the company Yamato (USA), Nocturna (Spain); mangas and merchandising such as calendars, published by Pyramid (Great Britain), Sellers Publishing (USA), videos etc …

    In 2011 exposes in Santa Monica center accompanied by an edition of the book On-Off.