Born in Zaragoza in 1949. He was a self-taught painter, engraver, sculptor, and writer. Although his contribution to the theatre,the photography, the china, and his works in books, posters, and other projects should also be mentioned.

    He put on his first individual exhibition in Zaragoza when he was eighteen. Victor Mira moved to Madrid where in 1973 he staged an exhibition entitled Sexual Manias. Two years later after having lived in Barcelona he moved to Heildelberg, Germany. His work influenced by the expressionism in which imagination and primitively coexisted was shown in his first exhibitions in Madrid and Munich in 1977.

    In the eighties his work focused on the topic of the still-life where the protagonist was a skull on the plate or on the table. In 1985 Victor Mira begins the series Estilitas, and starting from that time his activity in the exhibiting his works was very intense, as he was displaying his works in varous halls and galleries practically everywhere. In 1988 he established his residence in Munich.

    His national as well as international career reflects itself in the multitude of museums and private and state collections where his works can be found. One should single out the Museum of modern Art in New York, the National Central Museum of Art of the Queen Sofia, the Museums of Fine Arts of Vitoria.

    In 2003, he died when he was only 54 years old as a victim of suicide.