Wicklund, Fredrik

  • Fredrik Wicklund, born 1973 and raised in Viken in southern Sweden is a self-taught artist, whose creativity became evident during his childhood years of drawing, sketching and exploring calligraphy and typography.


    Fredrik’s mixed media artwork have the imperturbable aspect of stone while maintaining a sense of modernity to achieve a feeling of presence, time, and continuity with the past, along with an appreciation for visual harmony. He experiments with various techniques and creates layers on the canvas that are often scraped off and then restructured to reflect the subconscious and invisible forces that move through our lives and shape our understanding of who we are. He strives for balance, not necessarily through geometric symmetry, but one embraced by opposing proportions created through the effects of fading, structure and a predominantly earthy colour scheme.

    As a well-traveled artist, Fredrik’s work mirrors his impressions of the countries he visits although seldom does he have a fixed idea from the start. Instead his paintings are “created along the way” to reflect his own outlook on living in the flow and to alchemically capture the enigmatic processes that permeate through the universal human experience. Call it destiny – the events that unfold without our knowing, but still emanate from our own will and desires.



    The intention of my art is to capture the enigmatic processes beneath the surface of our lives, the chapters that are written without our immediate influence. The monumental and stone-like impression in some of my paintings is my attempt to encapsulate the bygones, the manifestations of what has been, the peacefulness in what is both historically unchangeable and also a stepping-stone to something new.

    Visually, my main objective is to create a sense of optic harmony: to find the balance between the lightness of decorative elements and the profoundness and wisdom of the walls on which they rest. I try to challenge myself by using many different composition principles utilizing colors, fading, and structure.

    The layering technique represents how we create layers of experiences in our lives, scraping off whatever stands in our way on the path of discovering ourselves. At present, I work primarily with acrylics, gouache, ink and pastels combined with sand and lacquer, applying the substances with either a brush, spatula, knife, or even with my own fingers.

    My art is in a constant stage of development and I look forward to exploring new techniques and new forms of expression. Although many of my paintings reflect periods of my own life, I hope, with my current non-figurative approach, that the observer with his or her feelings and interpretations takes part in the process of creation.