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    Poncet, Antoine

    Antoine Poncet (b.1928) is a highly regarded exponent of post-war sculpture in Europe. He grew up in

  • Jawlensky, Alexej von
    Jawlensky, Alexej von

    Alexej von Jawlensky (13 March 1864 – 15 March 1941) was a Russian expressionist painter active in

  • Dali, Salvador
    Dali, Salvador

    Salvador Dalí was born on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. From an early age Dalí was

  • Beneitez, Diego
    Beneitez, Diego

      Diego Benéitez, spanish artist born in 1986.   A selection of Solo exhibitions 2019. Soberanía del

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    Marini, Marino

    Marino Marini (27 February 1901 – 6 August 1980) was an Italian sculptor. He attended the Accademia

  • Lanskoy, André
    Lanskoy, André

    André Lanskoy (31 March 1902 – 24 August 1976) was a Russian painter and printmaker who worked

  • Rosenquist, James
    Rosenquist, James

    James Rosenquist (November 29, 1933 – March 31, 2017) was an American artist and one of the

  • Nesch, Rolf
    Nesch, Rolf

        Rolf (Emil Rudolf) Nesch (January 7, 1893 – October 27, 1975) was German born, Norwegian

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    Millares, Manolo

    Manolo Millares was a Spanish artist best known for his abstract assemblages and paintings. His affinity for

  • Johns, Jasper
    Johns, Jasper

    Jasper Johns (born May 15, 1930) is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker whose work is associated

  • Ludo

    Ludo – Born 1974 Parisian street artist Ludo fuses imagery of plants, insects, skulls, and human technology

  • Wicklund, Fredrik
    Wicklund, Fredrik

    Fredrik Wicklund, born 1973 and raised in Viken in southern Sweden is a self-taught artist, whose creativity

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    Warhol, Andy

    Andy Warhol born August 6, 1928 was an American artist, director and producer who was a leading

  • Albert, Carlos
    Albert, Carlos

    Carlos Albert was born in Madrid on 1978. Today, his work can be seen in squares and parks

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    Casamada, Rafols

    Albert Ràfols-Casamada (2 February 1923 – 17 December 2009) was a Catalan painter, poet and art teacher involved in the

  • Jenkins, Paul
    Jenkins, Paul

    Paul Jenkins was an American abstract artist and member of the New York School. Jenkins’ innovative practice

  • Royo, Luis & Romulo
    Royo, Luis & Romulo

    Luis Royo was born in 1954 in Olalla, a small village in Teruel, Spain. As a child,

  • Uslé, Juan
    Uslé, Juan

    Juan Uslé was born in 1954 in Santander, Spain. In recent years he has become one of

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      Banksy is a pseudonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His satirical street

  • Broto, José Manuel
    Broto, José Manuel

      José Manuel Broto Gimeno was born in Zaragoza in 1949. He studied at the School of

  • Sempere, Eusebio
    Sempere, Eusebio

    Eusebio Sempere was born in Onil (Alicante) in 1923. After graduating from the San Carlos School of

  • Guerrero, José
    Guerrero, José

    José Guerrero was born in 1914, Granada, passed away in 1991. José Guerrero was born on October

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    Hirst, Damien

      Damien Hirst was born in Bristol in 1965. He studied at Goldsmiths College in London and

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    Invader is the pseudonym of a French urban artist, born in 1969, who pastes characters from and

  • Fairey, Shepard
    Fairey, Shepard

    Shepard Fairey, born 15th February 1970, is a street artist and designer well known for his thought-provoking,

  • Pure Evil
    Pure Evil

      As an artist in the past 5 years Pure Evil has exhibited worldwide in China, Russia,

  • D*Face

    D*Face is an English street artist who uses spray paint, stickers, posters, and stencils. “D*Face”, a.k.a. Dean

  • Zevs

    Zevs (born Christophe Aguirre Schwarz on 17 November 1977 in Saverne, France) is a French street artist,

  • Nebel, Otto
    Nebel, Otto

      Otto Nebel (25 December 1892 – 12 September 1973) was a German painter born in Berlin, Germany. Otto Nebel started

  • Grau, Xavier
    Grau, Xavier

      2008  Michael Dunev Art Projects, Torroella de Montgri 2007  Imago, Galería Miguel Marcos, Barcelona .  Galería

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    Opie, Julian

      Julian Opie (born 1958, in London, is a visual artist, and one of the New British Sculpture movement. Lives in

  • Castillo, Jorge
    Castillo, Jorge

      The Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor Jorge Castillo was born in Pontevedra in the Spanish

  • Nupen, Kjell
    Nupen, Kjell

    Kjell Nupen was born in Kristiansand. As young as 13, he decided to become a painter. He

  • Elvira, Mercedes R
    Elvira, Mercedes R

      Naciò en Santander en 1950.  Se licenciò e la facultad de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

  • Viola, Manuel
    Viola, Manuel

    Manuel Viola was born in Saragossa in the year 1916. Leandro Cristófol y Crous Vidalbegan in the art like poet

  • Barker, Laurence
    Barker, Laurence

            Laurence Barker was head of the printmaking department at Cranbrook Academy of Art

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    Bacon, Francis

      Francis Bacon (1909 – 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his bold, graphic

  • Eine, Ben
    Eine, Ben

      Ben Eine (real name Ben Flynn; born 23 August 1970) is a prolific street artist based in London, England. Eine is

  • Brossa, Joan
    Brossa, Joan

        Joan Brossa i Cuervo (1919–1998) was a Catalan poet in the Catalan language, playwright, graphic designer and plastic artist.

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    Lindström, Bengt

      Bengt Lindström was born on September 3rd, 1925 in Storsjökapell, a small isolated village in the

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    Calder, Alexander

      Alexander Calder (July 22, 1898 – November 11, 1976) was an American sculptor and artist most

  • Dexel, Walter
    Dexel, Walter

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    Vasarely, Victor

      Victor Vasarely was born in Pecs, Hungary in 1906. After receiving his baccalaureate degree in 1925,

  • Loewensberg, Verena
    Loewensberg, Verena

      Verena Loewensberg (born 28 May 1912 in Zurich, † 27 April 1986 in Zurich) was a

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    Gomez, Tomas

  • Solin, Timo
    Solin, Timo

      Born in Tampere (Tammerfors), Finland in 1947. Spent most of his adult life in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Murakami, Takashi
    Murakami, Takashi

      Takashi Murakami was born in Tokyo in 1963 and received his BFA, MFA and PhD from

  • Poliakoff, Serge
    Poliakoff, Serge

    Serge Poliakoff, a Russian-born French modernist painter belonging to the ‘New’ Ecole de Paris. Serge Poliakoff was

  • Charchoune, Serge
    Charchoune, Serge

      Serge Charchoune was born in 1888 in Bougourouslan, Russia, a small town west of the Ural

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    Scully, Sean

      Born in Dublin, Ireland 1945, but moved with his family to England in 1949. There he

  • Serrano, Santiago
    Serrano, Santiago

      Santiago Serrano was born in Toledo, Spain in 1942. He currently lives and works in Madrid.

  • Francis, Sam
    Francis, Sam

      Born 1923 in San Mateo, USA. Sam Francis originally studied psychology and medicine. Turning to art,

  • Lichtenstein, Roy
    Lichtenstein, Roy

    Roy Lichtenstein was a pop art painter whose works, in a style derived from comic strips, portray

  • Wunderlich, Paul
    Wunderlich, Paul

      Paul Wunderlich was born in Eberswalde in the Mark Brandenburg on 10 March 1927. Wunderlich attended

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    Picasso, Pablo

      Picasso was a Spanish painter, draughtsman, and sculptor. Picasso is one of the most recognized figures

  • Palazuelo, Pablo
    Palazuelo, Pablo

      Pablo Palazuelo was born in Madrid in 1916. In 1933 he studied architecture at the School

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    De Stael, Nicolas

      Nicolas de Staël (January 5, 1914, Saint Petersburg – March 16, 1955, Antibes) (French nationality, of

  • Fagerlund, Mikael
    Fagerlund, Mikael

      Born in Ekenäs, Finland, 1955. Lives and works in Uddevalla and Helsingborg, Sweden. Education: University Collage

  • Barcelo, Miguel
    Barcelo, Miguel

      Born in Felanitx, (Mallorca), Spain, 1957 Established painter Miquel Barcelo is one of the most well-known

  • Neumann, Max
    Neumann, Max

      Max Neumann 1949 born in Saarbruecken. 1969-1970 Studies at the Werkkunstschule in Saarbrücken 1970-1973 Akademie of

  • Ernst, Max
    Ernst, Max

      Born 2 April 1891 and died the 1 April 1976, he was a German painter, sculptor,

  • Esteve, Maurice
    Esteve, Maurice

      Maurice Estève was born in the French town of Culan (Département Cher) on May 2, 1904.

  • Tobey, Mark
    Tobey, Mark

      Mark George Tobey, born December 11, 1890 and died April 24, 1976. Mark Tobey was an

  • Mayol, Mariano
    Mayol, Mariano

      Mariano Mayo

  • Ros, Manuel
    Ros, Manuel

      Manuel Ros 1965 Born: Palma de Mallorca (Spain). INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 1990 Montserrat Gallery, New York. 1991

  • Man Ray
    Man Ray

      Born Emmanuel Radnitsky, on August 27, 1890, in Philadelphia, the first of four children of Melach

  • Feito Lopez, Luis
    Feito Lopez, Luis

      Luis Feito Lopez was born in Madrid on 31 October 1929. He trained at the School

  • Fischer, Lothar
    Fischer, Lothar

      Lothar Fischer studied at the Munich art academy from 1952, where after only one year he

  • Sugai, Kumi
    Sugai, Kumi

      Born in Kobe, Japan 13 March 1919, died Kobe 14 May 1996. Kumi Sugai belonged to

  • Appel, Karel
    Appel, Karel

      Christiaan Karel Appel (25 April 1921 – 3 May 2006) was a Dutch painter, sculptor, and

  • Brodwolf, Jurgen
    Brodwolf, Jurgen

      From 1948 to 1952 Jurgen Brodwolf studied to be a drawer and lithographer. In 1953 he

  • Sotomayor, Juan
    Sotomayor, Juan

      Born 1959 in Spain. Works and lives in Zaragoza.

  • Albers, Josef
    Albers, Josef

      Josef Albers (March 19, 1888 – March 25, 1976) was a German-born American artist and educator

  • Lasker, Jonathan
    Lasker, Jonathan

    Born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1948, Jonathan Lasker is one of the most influential painters

  • Friedlaender, Johnny
    Friedlaender, Johnny

      Johnny Friedlaender (26 December 1912 – 18 June 1992) was a leading 20th century artist, whose

  • Miró, Joan
    Miró, Joan

      Born to the families of a goldsmith and watchmaker, the young Joan Miro was drawn towards

  • Soto, Jesus Rafael
    Soto, Jesus Rafael

      Jesús Rafael Soto was born on June 5, 1923 in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela, an old colonial

  • Plensa, Jaume
    Plensa, Jaume

      Born in Barcelona in 1955. From 1980 with his first exhibition in Barcelona until today, he

  • Hodgkin, Howard
    Hodgkin, Howard

      Born in 1932. A British painter and printmaker. His work is most often associated with abstraction.

  • Pfeiffer, Henri
    Pfeiffer, Henri

      Henri Pfeiffer  (German, 1907-1952) was one among a few modern artists who truly embodied the idea

  • Hartung, Hans
    Hartung, Hans

      Born the 21st of September in 1904. Hartung was a German-French painter, known for his gestural

  • Fruhtrunk, Gunther
    Fruhtrunk, Gunther

      Günter Fruhtrunk (May, 1923 – December 12, 1982) was a German painter and printmaker, who is

  • Alviani, Getulio
    Alviani, Getulio

      Getulio Alviani (1939 ) is an Italian painter born in Udine. He is considered to be an

  • Winter, Fritz
    Winter, Fritz

      Fritz Winter was born as the first of eight children in Altenbögge near Unna on 22

  • Fontana

      Lucio Fontana’s respect for the advancements of science and technology during the 20th century led him

  • Faile

      Faile is a New York based collective of artists who are one of the most popular

  • Gañan, Emilio
    Gañan, Emilio

      Born in Plasencia (Cáceres, Spain), 1971.

  • Chillida, Eduardo
    Chillida, Eduardo

      Began his career in 1943 studying architecture at the University of Madrid, but in 1947 he

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    Hollingsworth, Dennis

      Dennis Hollingsworth was born in Madrid, Spain in 1956. Hollingsworth obtained his M.F.A from Claremeont Graduate

  • Berg, Christian
    Berg, Christian

    Born in 1893, in Förslöv, Sweden. Studies fine arts in Stockholm, where he took an interest in

  • César

      César (1921–1998) came to prominence in the 1960s as part of the Nouveaux Réalistes group, with

  • Puyol, Carlos
    Puyol, Carlos

  • Cruz-Diez, Carlos
    Cruz-Diez, Carlos

      Carlos Cruz-Diez (born August 17, 1923 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan kinetic and op artist. He

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    Rosenström, Bengt

  • Puig, August
    Puig, August

    August Puig were born in 1929 in Barcelona, Spain. August Puig exhibited his work for the first

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    Armand Pierre Fernandez was born in 1928 in Nice, France. He is known as one of the

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    Saura, Antonio

    Antonio Saura was born in Huesca in 1930 and died in Cuenca in 1998. He begins painting

  • Tapies, Antoni
    Tapies, Antoni

    Antoni Tàpies was born in Barcelona in 1923 and showed artistic talent from an early age. During

  • Clavé, Antoni
    Clavé, Antoni

    Antoni Clavé was born in Barcelona on 5 April 1913. From 1926 he attended evening courses at

  • Lamazares, Anton
    Lamazares, Anton

    Anton Lamazares Born in Lalin (Pontevedra, Spain) 1954. He has lived in France, Italy and United States.

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    Johansson, Albert

    Albert Johansson was born July 29, 1926 in Stensele, Västerbotten. He moved to Huddinge in 1955, where

  • Urdangarin, Aitor
    Urdangarin, Aitor

    Born in 1969, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava, Spain). Graduated from Bellas Artes y Oficios de Vitoria-Gasteiz. Solo exhibitions 1987

  • Bellver, Fernando
    Bellver, Fernando

      Born in Madrid (Spain) 1954 established Spanish artist Fernando Bellver creates prints, sculptures and multimedia works

  • Mira, Victor
    Mira, Victor

      Born in Zaragoza in 1949. He was a self-taught painter, engraver, sculptor, and writer. Although his